Friday 14 March 2008

winter be gone

it's warmed up again. consistently in the teens temperature wise over here in switzerland. still the occasional snow falling up in the mountains...i wont complain. i really enjoy winter here. much better then toronto.

the car is great ... no complaints still. i have tickets for the auto show this year but really can't bring myself to find a reason to go. i like my car. infact, i don't think i could find another car right now, new or slightly new, that could tweak my interest. I'm happy. Content. Go figure.

Hockey season is winding down. Another week and it's over officially here in Switzerland. I then go on the trip to the Czech Republic to play the last week of March ... then nothing until May in Hong Kong! Then end of may in Toulon.

Work is going well. May have taken a while but things have evolved very quickly in the past 60 days. 2008 has started off quite well and i can foresee something larger on the horizon.

now, i have a few friends visiting from the UK for the weekend. Time to play host and listen to thick english accents. wonder if I miss them. the accents.

happy steak & bj day to anyone who's getting some. steak.

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