Saturday 27 June 2009

first facebook application

so a while back i saw that facebook had opened things up to allow developers to write their own thing. i went, i looked and i started...only to give up because i really had nothing much to do ... who cares, what's the point, blah blah blah.

so anyways, today i got to thinking ... as if anyone can think about anything other then mr. jackson ... i thought what really is the best song he's ever done? what is the consensus? sure i'm sure i could find a site somewhere and create a poll, or even call up somewhere...but in the end i thought, boy, why not try to do a facebook application. maybe it'll be easy, hard...who knows.

so with a little motivation and a tiny idea ... Michael Jackson .. Rate It .. My first facebook application. Yeah it's pretty crappy ... but the principles are neat.

I started down the road of using the facebook data app ... but in the end it's just a bit too much for what i wanted to throw together. That and I couldn't easily get it working in my brain ... which is another subject all together.

Anyways...what do you think the best MJ song of all time is? I think it's Scream...

Wednesday 24 June 2009


Now, normally I'm not a whore for technology...but I have to tell you, this is pretty damn cool:

Monday 22 June 2009

He's Barack Obama

Seriously...blogger, eat me.

Check this out. Pirates! Awesome:

Saturday 20 June 2009

the days, how they grow long...

so let's see. 20 days into being 30. no differences yet. summer is not quite in full gear here in London town ... but soon, i hope.

July 1, only 11 days from now. Canada Day, Wednesday, and the Wedding. Not in that order of course. Must be honest, I'm looking forward to it. Small, quiet and simple. Much like me. Ha!

The past weekend was spent in Cracovia....Krakow, Poland. The stag-do to end all single boys out having fun do's....Four days of well, not a lot. I don't like big groups of people, I don't like to party and I don't like to it was a nice chilled out four day weekend. The penultimate (check out that word!) day in Krakow, we spent (four of us ... lost one due to passport problems ...) Auschwitz and Birkenau concetration camps. Not quite what one would expect with a stag-do...but then, I'm a little odd and unique. Need to have some culture, history and something to remind us just how fragile we all are.

I suspect the nex post will involve a lot of "S", "W" and "X" due to a heavier then normal ringer finger...

Monday 1 June 2009

30, now what?

my back doesn't hurt, i can get up in the morning and the air still smells the same.  
the ride on the tube doesn't make my nostrils any blacker then they already are.  
2 decades gone, the new one, well, should be interesting.  the past 10 months, 10 days and even 10 hours have been a roller coaster.  don't see much that will change the next 10 hours, days, months and years...

it's exciting.  <-- that's me being excited.