Saturday 22 August 2009

Moving to The Pearl, Qatar

The Pearl Qatar

Now, before you click on the link, some people have complained about the site and that it could open up lots and lots of web pages. Lucy, Bean, and Myself will move into our new place at The Pearl on September 1, 2009.

Lucy has been super busy during the day researching the different shops for furniture, televisions and everything else. I thought a dinner service was a reference for when you sit down to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Turns out that in some fancy place, it means plates and cutlery and all that...

So, the apartment. What is it? Well, it is a 3 bedroom apartment situated 5 floors above the amenities and parking. In terms back home, it would be equivalent to the 10th floor, but over here, it's on the 5th floor. 4 parking floors, 1 floor with swminning pool and then 5 floors up is us.

Why did we select The Pearl? Well, other then the wow factor, and how similar the view provides what we were used to in Montreux, Switzerland ... when Bean is born, even if it's 50C outside, Lucy will be able to take the elevator down to the shopping level and walk throughout the entire shopping environment without having to go outside.

Above are some photographs I took while we were in the other day inspecting the place. Once we are settled, and internet is better (connections are that great at the moment) the two of us will start to be more active with posts and keeping up to date with things.

Some interior shots:

A few photographs of where we currently live: Ezdan Towers

Ahhh .... and I am now proud to say that I suffered a serious bout of Doha Diarrhea that lasted about 5 days and one visit to the hospital....

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