Friday 31 December 2010

Sortilège (Canadian Whisky & Maple Syrup Liqueur)

Without wanting to sound like I have a problem with the 'drink', having back to back posts relating to alcohol, I cannot delay posting about this.  An absolute gem.  Something, as a Canadian, I never knew existed. 

Produced exclusively in Quebec, as a Toronto native, born and raised, it never crossed the border.  Absolutely delicious if it's kept in the freezer and served, well, frozen.  By doing this, you loose about 1/3 of the liquid as it all congeals .. and when you pour it out, it's almost like a thick sludge.  However, when you taste it, incredible.  

I went to the LCBO at Summerhill and inquired if they had this.  "Excuse me, do you have any Whisky from Quebec?", I asked...  

"We only sell Canadian whisky.", was the response I received.

Too bad.  If you have an opportunity to try it, you will not be disappointed.  

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JayBizz LeFresh said...

I tried it for the first time last weekend, it's the most amazing whisky ever. Its now available in certain LCBO's.