Wednesday 19 January 2011

playing with technology...again!

My 9-5 job has been going well.  Challenging, motivating and interesting.  A very good combination.  The one thing it lacks is the direct hands-on with COOL technology.  In the past week or so I have revisited an old friend called Cassandra.  I had turned to Cassandra in a moment of extreme delirium caused by a very steep and difficult learning curve I was having with respects to DFS and Hadoop / HDFS.  

At the time, Cassandra wasn't mature.  This has changed.  

Concepts for me are much more clear, and a technology now exists that I can use to help further my desire to challenge myself and to help create some fantastic "things".

This evening I endeavoured with some degree of success to install Nginx on Windows instead of the Apache web server. Subsequently, I installed PHP (non-threaded version) and integrated that with Nginx.  Now, the problem I have is trying to get Thrift running with this setup so that I can quickly model some concepts.  

Regardless, it's fun to challenge yourself.

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