Wednesday 24 September 2008

let the games begin

The new winter hockey season starts soon. NHL, Swiss, CHiP HL! Oh yeah. That's right. I have a nice big list of 41 games between now and march 3, 2009. exciting. hopefully i'll add more games over the next week.

nothing else is overly new or exciting. still in switzerland, yep. who's visiting? i have a nice guest bed that feels like concrete...!


Monday 1 September 2008

maybe. dead. peut-être.

it's been an interesting weekend.

i'm sure you've seen falling rock signs once in your life, while driving. well, i see them all the time. i play hockey up above 1000m in the ski resorts here in Switzerland. on my way home friday night, i had the unfortunate pleasure of receiving my first falling rock. it landed on the side of my car, near the fuel tank. the damage isn't bad...but i gotta wonder.

what is the point of the road sign? in my car, i can do nothing. you can't drive while looking up to the sky. what if you did? what if you saw a rock falling? surely no level of skill or avoidance technique would make it better. oh well.

ah, now if you have been following for a while, you'll know i had a gold-fish type fish. Maybe. he wasn't actually a gold fish. to be honest, not quite sure what type of fish he was. in any event, he died last night. gave him a proper burrial instead of the royal flush...and now he'll be enjoying lake geneva from his rose garden.