Monday 31 March 2008

2800km, 4 wins, 2 loss, 3rd.

Well, the trip is over. Back at work trying very hard to fight off a cold that's sneaking up on me. In total I put around 2800km on the car this past week. I managed to do Prague to Montreux in 7hrs. A little crazy given I was on snow tires and it was 25C on the road!!! Ahh well. Last thing I wanted to do was spend even more time in the car. To be honest, I'm a little sick of driving. No more big road trips for a few weeks, atleast.

So, the tournament. Was fun. Lots of fun. The group of guys I was with? A hoot. Could have been the first time I've played for a team where everyone got along. No personality conflicts, nothing. I'm hopeful that some photos will surface soon online. I don't have that many. The tournament organizers ensured that there were videos taken and lots of photos. There is a very nice team photo that was done. I am hoping to find a copy of it so I can post it online.

In total we lost 3 games, won 4, and finished 3rd in the tournament. I believe that I managed to win the top knucklehead category with the most penalties in the tournament. I finished the last game with 16min in penalties. I don't agree with the reasons ... c'est la vie. I had fun. The ovation I received as I left the ice in with 4 min to go in the last game (game ejection) was the highlight for me. I don't know if they were clapping because I amused them ... or if they were clapping because they didn't like me and were happy I was leaving. I'll believe in the clapping for me because i'm the best. Yep.

Anyways, fun.

Friday 28 March 2008

500km + 1 loss

today, march 27, we only had one game. we lost a spirited effort 8-5. 7-5 if you don't count the goal against while we had our goalie pulled with less then a minute to go. prior to the game i had taken another round-trip scenic drive to Brno, Czech Republic with Greg so he could drop off his "old faithful".... he has to pick it up tomorrow. In total, for this trip, I will have made 3 round trips to Brno. Wow. Exciting.

The hockey here is great. Light checking. In Switzerland if you touch someone they go nuts. Here, it's ok. If a clean hit is given...that's ok too. If it's a dirty hit, well...thankfully the referee's aren't blind. I enjoy this kind of hockey. It is how its supposed to be played.

So far I have a nice slash along the left side of my belly, a puck shaped bruise in my right/center belly and a bruised top right foot from a blocked shot. That's what I'm really proud of. I can't flex my right big toe without it cramping from the bruise. So cool.

This evening we ventured up to Prague (Praha) to watch HC Silva play in game 5 of their best of 7 playoff series. It was fun. The crowds here love their hockey. It's a pleasure to be a part of...

Wednesday 26 March 2008

2 wins + 1500km


Made it to my final destination in the czech republic with a few small issues, but nothing major. if you haven't already heard, i was pulled over 1km from the Czech border, in Germany for speeding. Kinda. After searching my car, going through my papers and everything else,
they let me drive away. I was amused ... but wasn't overly concerned at the time. Speeding ticket in Germany is against their constitution, no? My driving buddy (in another car ... bmw M3) had to pull over twice due to mechanical reasons. Shoulda bought an Audi,
eh? So today and tomorrow I will be / have been the runner for him driving down to Brno, CZ from Velke Mezirici.

A few may be asking, why I am in this little town in the Czech Republic? Hockey, duh.

Today was the first day of the tournament. Our team beat a French team from Paris 9-3. Our second game of the day was against a team from Toulon, France. 9-3. So far we are doing well, however, the Russian team looks very strong. They showed up with 3 full lines and
3 goalies! They have one guy that's very old and plays with no helmet. That is amusing.

Anyways, just a quick note to say hola, and add some filler about me. Hope all is well


ps. canada flag sticker on the back of the car is nice...and i'm sure helped me in not getting a ticket / arrested in Germany

Monday 24 March 2008

that little tickle

I'm off to the Czech Republic tomorrow. My GPS can find the town but can not find the hotel! Can't wait. I've had to put my snow tires back on because we have lovely white and fluffy snow all around this region. Hopefully the rest of the team that leaves a few hours before me...will have an uneventful journey and will arrive at the hotel safely (and be able to give great directions!)

I went skiing yesterday in Ovronnaz. Was fun for a bit until the clouds rolled in and it started snowing. Ended up down in the baths and relaxed for a few hours in the hot water while my face was burnt by the wind and snow. What a tickle...

Monday 17 March 2008

winter has returned

just when i was excited for summer to be on us, we've been hit with a lot of precipitation and colder weather. oh well. the past weekend was nice. quite pleasant and a good break. was nice to speak with my house guests as opposed to the normal jazz cafe crowd.

Watched Sweeny Todd, Juno and Golden Compass. I think Juno was the best out of the bunch. At times I didn't like some of the dialogue. Seemed forced or trying to be funny ... and at other times when the dialogue was simple it was great and amusing.

This week is a short week. Easter Friday / Monday then off to Czech...

Here is the tournament advertisement:

Friday 14 March 2008

winter be gone

it's warmed up again. consistently in the teens temperature wise over here in switzerland. still the occasional snow falling up in the mountains...i wont complain. i really enjoy winter here. much better then toronto.

the car is great ... no complaints still. i have tickets for the auto show this year but really can't bring myself to find a reason to go. i like my car. infact, i don't think i could find another car right now, new or slightly new, that could tweak my interest. I'm happy. Content. Go figure.

Hockey season is winding down. Another week and it's over officially here in Switzerland. I then go on the trip to the Czech Republic to play the last week of March ... then nothing until May in Hong Kong! Then end of may in Toulon.

Work is going well. May have taken a while but things have evolved very quickly in the past 60 days. 2008 has started off quite well and i can foresee something larger on the horizon.

now, i have a few friends visiting from the UK for the weekend. Time to play host and listen to thick english accents. wonder if I miss them. the accents.

happy steak & bj day to anyone who's getting some. steak.