Tuesday 29 January 2008

hockey hockey hockey

been so busy playing hockey at night and working during the day, i've had no time for anything else. the latest thing was Saturday afternoon. We had our second annual open invitation for people at Nestle that wanted to try ice hockey (full equipment).

Some photographs above. Stayed up to watch the NHL all star game the other night. that was nice.

booked my flights for this year's hong kong tournament. may 6-10 i'll be playing and entering the hackers hockey club again into the tournament. looking forward to that. march it's off to the Czech republic to play in a week long tournament, and then during my birthday weekend it's off to Toulon, France for another tournament.

I love this game.

Thursday 17 January 2008

Skiing photos

I've uploaded some photos from the past weekend. Not many. Didn't have time as I was flying down the mountain in a mad panic.

Tuesday 15 January 2008

conquered...and sore

I managed to do the following trip Saturday during a very nice and heavy snow storm:

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One issue with GPS in the car is that it did not pick up what roads are closed for a season. So we had to make a big detour ... I still think that the road was open, but ... we'll never know. Anyways, spent Sunday skiing at http://www.sybelles.com/

I have never skiied as much as I did that day. I have to admit, at one point I did enjoy it. Laying in the snow at 2600m, waiting for people to finish racing down a piste a few times...enjoying the sun and the fresh clean air and silence. I don't think this is what people enjoy about skiing but eh...I found something.

Funnily, I had gone against my first lesson I made myself promise when I moved to Europe. Never assume or expect anything. As I was running out of diesel heading up to Saint-Sorlin D'Arves ... i figured there would be a gas station there I could fill up at.


Nothing. Closest gas station was in Saint-Jean de Maurienne ... 21km away according to the GPS. I set off Sunday evening in neutral the majority of the way. By the time i had reached the gas station, the needle was the lowest ever and the gas station was infact a brand new Citroen dealership ... NOT A GAS STATION. The next one wasn't much use either. Eventually I saw a McDonalds in the distance and thought at worst I would drown my sorrows with le big mac (how's that for french?) while my car sat empty in the parking lot...

Nope. I saw an AGIP in the distance....got some diesel into the sucker and that was that. Drove back up, had a nice relaxing sleep and headed back home the next morning, aching and in pain from the previous day of skiing.

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Back to Toronto Feb 7-12. Can't wait to feel that harsh cold disgusting Toronto winter again.

Friday 11 January 2008

Attempt #9

When I moved to Switzerland December 31, 2005 I had never in my life put on a pair of ski boots (let alone held a pair of skis) or stood at the top of a piste looking downwards at the scenery below and beyond.

Two years and 11 days on, I have been skiing 8 times. People say that playing ice hockey will help me because it gives me some degree of co-ordination or balance, or something. Sure it does. I think that playing ice hockey and the amount of time I've spent on skates has taught me some pretty valuble bad habits. Much to the point that my legs are so sore and exhausted after a few minutes ... i know i'm not doing things right.

"Relax your body...don't use your legs..."

Funny guy said that to me. I ended up doing a snow plow with my chin. I think by playing hockey and never learning how to ski before, it has ruined any and all chances i have of ever enjoying it.

Why do people do it?

The scenery:

Yeah right. If you aren't looking at the idiots in front of you and behind you and you aren't looking at the tree's lining the piste and you do happen to look up....yes, that's a nice view. However, you only get to appreciate this view while parked firmly on your ass in a big heap of snow after you've wiped out or succumbed to exhaustion.

The adrenaline:

Hmmm. This is a good one. If you ever go skiing, try not to turn. Go in a straight line and see how fast you can go. Sure gets my heart rate going. To the point that i realize that I still have a lot to live for and dying in a heap of me somewhere on a ski slope while attempting to nudge my adrenaline levels to a new high isn't quite how i picture going.

The calm:

All i hear are kids whizzing past me yammering on in french. I have no idea what they are saying...but I can imagine. Needless to say, skiing, unless you're alone in a heap of snow by yourself, isn't that calm.

Of course, this is just me and it's something I really do not like doing. But I persevere. I'm not exactly sure why I trudge on...but I do. For now. Next stop, Saint Sorlin d'Arves, France. Going to meet a few bulls there for some "fun filled skiing".

aka goofy

Thursday 10 January 2008

back online!

For three years and11 days, I have not had a personal computer for use when I am sitting at home. That's changed now. My computer arrived from England and is now connected and humming along downloading updates and downloading FC8 (fedora core 8). It's actually a little exciting.

I'm supposed to be off to a hockey game tonight, but i really feel like dorking about on the computer and getting it working so i can use it to do more work...if that makes sense.

In other news, I set up *another* blog ... it's dedicated to my car. I will not gloat or go on and on about this piece of aluminum steel on my 'personal' blog. Instead, that will go on the other, with pictures too.


Thursday 3 January 2008

Celebrate New Years in Switzerland

December 31, 2007:

10.30pm -- Headed home and made some dinner. Left over mashed potatoes and some frozen turkey tits from October.

11.25pm -- Decided to walk out onto the terrace, grab a seat and reflect on the past year while looking out over lake geneva and up at the clear star filled sky.

11.30pm -- Every bell in Switzerland started to ring. All the churches, it was magnificent. I don't think i've heard anything like that in my life. The setting was surreal and the sound...well, who knew. It lasted a good 25 minutes and I was left wondering, why?

So i've done a little looking around thanks to google:

"It is an old folk tradition that spirits of darkness walk around the last night of the year. Therefore, the demons must be frightened away with ringing bells, lest they linger and work evil on men and beasts."

Is it true? Who knows. It did bring a nice big smile to my face and was a welcome way to end off 2007 and to put it behind me.

Wednesday 2 January 2008

his story

a new year and a new way of doing things.

for almost 10 years i have maintained through one form or another a presence on the internet for my personal thoughts, photos and life. it has been invaluable in allowing friends, family and miscellaneous people to see who i am, what i'm up to and where i'll be, without having to retell stories over and over again.

i find my internet presence to be a great tool for self-reflection and historical reference.

i look back over the years and can't help but think about what a wonderful ride it has been so far.

great times in toronto, the move to england and then switzerland, where i am still based. i know not what the future holds, but i do know that i will be using this forum to continue the chronicle for those who might be interested...what's next?