Tuesday 14 October 2008

slightly bruised.

so, if you haven't heard already, october 31 2008 is my last day with ibm switzerland. long story, wont get into it ... mixed emotions. what next? you decide... ; )

in the meantime, i've been keeping myself busy. lots of hockey. sunday i played in a 4 team hockey tournament in villars:

"11 - 0 contre la 1ère équipe de Malley, puis 7 - 0 contre la 2ème équipe du même club, et finalement 10 - 0 contre le HC St.-Cergue en finale"

I had 5 goals in game 1, 2 in game 2 and relaxed after that ;)

Last night it was a game again. I only had 4.

10 years on after starting to play on a regular basis, i've made huge improvements. it's nice in a way to see that hard work, determination and passion have all paid off in one way or another.