Wednesday 18 August 2010

something beautiful

Have to type quickly ... At Dubai airport and my next flight is about to leave:

  • Emirates business class is pretty damn foooooooofy.  Still, I do prefer British Airways (weird I know)
  • Watching an electrical storm from the airplane as we flew over Turkey was AMAZING
  • Flying into Dubai as the sun was coming up was pretty awesome too.  Makes you realize just how spectacular it is
  • Emirates business lounge at Dubai airport is HUGE
  • I'm sick of flying

Tuesday 17 August 2010

stuck in Frankfurt

At the end of last month I flew from Doha back to Birmingham to see Jack and Lucy.  It was a very short trip as Lucy and I flew out 3 days later to Antigua for our honeymoon.  Yes, it was 1 year late, but that's ok.  We're very proud of the delay.  We enjoyed 7 days in Antigua with only 2 days of rain attributed to 1 tropical storm and the rain gods knowing the last day I was fed up with sitting around in the sun doing nothing....

On Saturday just past, we had Jack's Naming Day.  What is a naming day?  You'll have to ask Jack, or Lucy ... or someone else ; )  Basically, it's a day when we gather up friends and family who can make it, and the most important people to Jack:  His non-related guardian type folks who will be present throughout his life to offer morale guidance and advice when family isn't good enough (see: rebellious years as a teenager)

Here's the entry from Wikipedia:

Now, this wasn't a Christening.  Although, there are similarities .. but it wasn't.  I assure you.

It was a nice day despite the rain.  Alas, my side of the family couldn't make it ... and that's the difficult part about having a family in Canada, wife's family in the UK and living in the middle east.  Sometimes it's pants.  C'est la vie!

I'm now on my way back to Doha ... Unfortunately, the rain that hampered Jack's naming day celebrations has also disrupted my return.  My flight from Birmingham to Frankfurt was delayed 80 minutes.  Just long enough for me to miss my connection ... So now I sit, blog and wait for Emirates to open up their desk so that I can check in for a flight to Dubai ...and eventually Doha.  Could be worse.  I could still be in a line somewhere wondering how I'd be getting home.

Some fantastic photos of Jack and all of us will be online soon, and some video.  Just need to get settled down first and shed the flight blahs ...