Sunday 22 June 2008

summer and cobbler

so summer has finally arrived. yesterday, in celebration of the longest day of the year -- in terms of daylight -- some people came to visit, enjoy a bbq, drink some beer and swim in the pool. was nice. today promises to have a few more moments of sunlight if i recall (it being a leap year).

Geeking out, I've upgraded my home computer from Fedora Core 8 to Fedora Core 9. Now i'm playing with Cobbler and looking at using it to deploy automatically some images so i can start testing some new ideas. Boy, does the fun never stop here. Really.

I've also ordered a new phone. My HTC s620 keeps falling. It's still in great working condition but it's a little scratched and messy ... so i've ordered the HTC s710. Still, just a phone. I don't need an iPhone, i don't need GPS in my phone. I just want a phone i can check my email, type quickly and ummm maybe take a few photos.

That's all. 32C the entire week here at the PP.


Thursday 12 June 2008

she bangs...

well, i normally don't post crap like this, but i was impressed by it. i even think an old colleague, scarr, would appreciate this

have a blast

Thursday 5 June 2008

we're gonna party like it's my birthday

so obviously, judging from the emails and facebook messages, a few people remembered my birthday on may 31. i wasn't around. haven't been online for a wee bit. been travelling and experiencing Europe a bit too much.

Here's the drive I've done in the past week:

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The neat thing I've only just realized is that I am only about 350km from the Mediterranean. Coming back via the St. Bernard Tunnel. My second time through the tunnel and still find it amazing. My only concern this time was that it's so high up, the temperature drops and I only have my summer tires on. Oh well, still got home safe and sound. 5 1/2 hours it took from Monaco to my front door. Less time then it takes to get to Montreal : )

So now I'm back at home...gonna relax for a few days and get back into the work swing of things. Lucy is now living over here and has bought a cute little Peugeot 206 convertible clown car. While she goes and plays with that, I'll be playing with the present she bought me: Logitech Harmony 785 Universal Remote