Sunday 22 June 2008

summer and cobbler

so summer has finally arrived. yesterday, in celebration of the longest day of the year -- in terms of daylight -- some people came to visit, enjoy a bbq, drink some beer and swim in the pool. was nice. today promises to have a few more moments of sunlight if i recall (it being a leap year).

Geeking out, I've upgraded my home computer from Fedora Core 8 to Fedora Core 9. Now i'm playing with Cobbler and looking at using it to deploy automatically some images so i can start testing some new ideas. Boy, does the fun never stop here. Really.

I've also ordered a new phone. My HTC s620 keeps falling. It's still in great working condition but it's a little scratched and messy ... so i've ordered the HTC s710. Still, just a phone. I don't need an iPhone, i don't need GPS in my phone. I just want a phone i can check my email, type quickly and ummm maybe take a few photos.

That's all. 32C the entire week here at the PP.


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