Friday 13 May 2011

hong kong or bust

some of you may know, and some of you may not, that i am currently in hong kong.  why am i here?  that's a very good question.  originally, i wasn't supposed to be here.  this is the week that the Hong Kong 5's Ice Hockey tournament is on.  I had scheduling conflicts at the time of planning a few months ago and opted out ...

fast forward to 3 weeks ago and i received an email about a player getting hurt and not being able to play.  checked my schedule and some other things and the planets had aligned.  this dolgy was going to hong kong.  there were some other reasons for the trip too.  met up with some old friends and old colleagues i haven't seen in a few years.  that was nice.

the tournament itself is as always, very well organized.  if you ever get a chance ... find Keith Fong at MegaBox and let him know that the tournament is, and you'll find out if you are ever here, one of the best organized tournaments and facilities around.

the team this year didn't fair very well.  0 wins, 4 losses.  2 goals scored.  but that's ok.  it was still fun.

the food here is brilliant.  the mtr here is brilliant.  i really do enjoy coming here... but it's time to go.  i miss this guy:

gone a week without seeing or speaking to Lucy and Jack has been very hard.  The timing and schedules and all of that haven't worked out ... been insanely busy days of hilarity and hi-jinx

British Airways.  Take me home.    

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