Wednesday 24 December 2008

this line is now engaged.

first off. we made it. lucy and i drove for just under 12hrs door to door without any issue. the eurotunnel is easy and effortless. driving a left hand drive in the UK is just as easy. we've had a wonderful time back in the UK so far. met some friends, met some more friends, had a pint...had a few more pints.

ah, also.


we're engaged. i asked her in a weird dolgy-esque sort of way on monday morning and that's that. no more news. not now. not until sunday when we get to vegas.

happy xmas and all of that.

Friday 19 December 2008

disco xmas special

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Let the gamblin' drive begin!

After living in Switzerland for 3 years, for the first time, I will be driving back to England.

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Heading out Saturday morning, house guests confirmed to house sit, the drive will start. A little excited about it. Why? Well, I really want to see if I can get to Birmingham on one tank of diesel. 1100km. If I keep it cool and no excessive speeding or unnecessary breaks...I think it's quite possible. Sure, flying is easier, but is it more fun? I think not.

I get to drive through Champagne in France. I get to stop at Quick burger (the french/belgian rip off of McDonalds).

After spending 8 days in the UK with my left'll be off to snow covered Las Vegas to fulfill a tiny promise to myself. Never to spend new years in the same place twice. After a nice 9 days in Vegas, it'll be back to the UK for a bit more fun and excitement, and then the drive back.

That's it. Hockey free for three weeks : )

Wednesday 10 December 2008

More snow!

It's snowing in Switzerland, still.

Hockey has been in full swing. The hockey games settle down next week and will break off until January. So, between now and then I suspect I'll be playing a few games of poker, eating some food and relaxing a bit more then normal. Can give my body a rest and allow it some time to heal.

Work? Holidays? meh. same old same old. not much has changed.

When not flying off to Toronto unexpectedly, been working on some neat projects that I find interesting and fun. If you don't enjoy what you consume your time with, don't do it. Find something to enjoy...makes things much more pleasant..