Friday 19 December 2008

Let the gamblin' drive begin!

After living in Switzerland for 3 years, for the first time, I will be driving back to England.

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Heading out Saturday morning, house guests confirmed to house sit, the drive will start. A little excited about it. Why? Well, I really want to see if I can get to Birmingham on one tank of diesel. 1100km. If I keep it cool and no excessive speeding or unnecessary breaks...I think it's quite possible. Sure, flying is easier, but is it more fun? I think not.

I get to drive through Champagne in France. I get to stop at Quick burger (the french/belgian rip off of McDonalds).

After spending 8 days in the UK with my left'll be off to snow covered Las Vegas to fulfill a tiny promise to myself. Never to spend new years in the same place twice. After a nice 9 days in Vegas, it'll be back to the UK for a bit more fun and excitement, and then the drive back.

That's it. Hockey free for three weeks : )

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