Friday 9 January 2009

2650km later...

the big drive, both of them are done. happy to report, no issues. in a previous post i had a map of the drive i was going to do with Lucy from here in Switzerland to the UK. on the way there, we managed to hit absolutely no traffic and made it to her parents house in 12.5hrs (including the chunnel). on the way back we hit no traffic again and managed to do the drive (slightly modified) in 11hrs.

for 9 of the days, we were in vegas. it wasn't hot and the 500,000 people on the strip partying we missed. jet lag killed us and we were in bed at 9pm out like a light!

there's a new addition to the family. i purchased a sony tg3 camcorder. it's tiny, durable and nifty. first time five years that i've bought a camera and i think i'm happy with it. only time will tell.

for now, we're sick of travelling and wont be doing any until february at the earliest (hopefully).

on the outward trip, our flight from london heathrow to dallas was upgraded from "premimum economy" to business class. that was nice. i wouldn't pay for premium economy again...but the business class made the price justifiable.

happy new year and all the best for 2009.