Tuesday 15 January 2008

conquered...and sore

I managed to do the following trip Saturday during a very nice and heavy snow storm:

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One issue with GPS in the car is that it did not pick up what roads are closed for a season. So we had to make a big detour ... I still think that the road was open, but ... we'll never know. Anyways, spent Sunday skiing at http://www.sybelles.com/

I have never skiied as much as I did that day. I have to admit, at one point I did enjoy it. Laying in the snow at 2600m, waiting for people to finish racing down a piste a few times...enjoying the sun and the fresh clean air and silence. I don't think this is what people enjoy about skiing but eh...I found something.

Funnily, I had gone against my first lesson I made myself promise when I moved to Europe. Never assume or expect anything. As I was running out of diesel heading up to Saint-Sorlin D'Arves ... i figured there would be a gas station there I could fill up at.


Nothing. Closest gas station was in Saint-Jean de Maurienne ... 21km away according to the GPS. I set off Sunday evening in neutral the majority of the way. By the time i had reached the gas station, the needle was the lowest ever and the gas station was infact a brand new Citroen dealership ... NOT A GAS STATION. The next one wasn't much use either. Eventually I saw a McDonalds in the distance and thought at worst I would drown my sorrows with le big mac (how's that for french?) while my car sat empty in the parking lot...

Nope. I saw an AGIP in the distance....got some diesel into the sucker and that was that. Drove back up, had a nice relaxing sleep and headed back home the next morning, aching and in pain from the previous day of skiing.

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Back to Toronto Feb 7-12. Can't wait to feel that harsh cold disgusting Toronto winter again.

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