Thursday 3 January 2008

Celebrate New Years in Switzerland

December 31, 2007:

10.30pm -- Headed home and made some dinner. Left over mashed potatoes and some frozen turkey tits from October.

11.25pm -- Decided to walk out onto the terrace, grab a seat and reflect on the past year while looking out over lake geneva and up at the clear star filled sky.

11.30pm -- Every bell in Switzerland started to ring. All the churches, it was magnificent. I don't think i've heard anything like that in my life. The setting was surreal and the sound...well, who knew. It lasted a good 25 minutes and I was left wondering, why?

So i've done a little looking around thanks to google:

"It is an old folk tradition that spirits of darkness walk around the last night of the year. Therefore, the demons must be frightened away with ringing bells, lest they linger and work evil on men and beasts."

Is it true? Who knows. It did bring a nice big smile to my face and was a welcome way to end off 2007 and to put it behind me.

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