Friday 11 January 2008

Attempt #9

When I moved to Switzerland December 31, 2005 I had never in my life put on a pair of ski boots (let alone held a pair of skis) or stood at the top of a piste looking downwards at the scenery below and beyond.

Two years and 11 days on, I have been skiing 8 times. People say that playing ice hockey will help me because it gives me some degree of co-ordination or balance, or something. Sure it does. I think that playing ice hockey and the amount of time I've spent on skates has taught me some pretty valuble bad habits. Much to the point that my legs are so sore and exhausted after a few minutes ... i know i'm not doing things right.

"Relax your body...don't use your legs..."

Funny guy said that to me. I ended up doing a snow plow with my chin. I think by playing hockey and never learning how to ski before, it has ruined any and all chances i have of ever enjoying it.

Why do people do it?

The scenery:

Yeah right. If you aren't looking at the idiots in front of you and behind you and you aren't looking at the tree's lining the piste and you do happen to look up....yes, that's a nice view. However, you only get to appreciate this view while parked firmly on your ass in a big heap of snow after you've wiped out or succumbed to exhaustion.

The adrenaline:

Hmmm. This is a good one. If you ever go skiing, try not to turn. Go in a straight line and see how fast you can go. Sure gets my heart rate going. To the point that i realize that I still have a lot to live for and dying in a heap of me somewhere on a ski slope while attempting to nudge my adrenaline levels to a new high isn't quite how i picture going.

The calm:

All i hear are kids whizzing past me yammering on in french. I have no idea what they are saying...but I can imagine. Needless to say, skiing, unless you're alone in a heap of snow by yourself, isn't that calm.

Of course, this is just me and it's something I really do not like doing. But I persevere. I'm not exactly sure why I trudge on...but I do. For now. Next stop, Saint Sorlin d'Arves, France. Going to meet a few bulls there for some "fun filled skiing".

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