Wednesday 26 March 2008

2 wins + 1500km


Made it to my final destination in the czech republic with a few small issues, but nothing major. if you haven't already heard, i was pulled over 1km from the Czech border, in Germany for speeding. Kinda. After searching my car, going through my papers and everything else,
they let me drive away. I was amused ... but wasn't overly concerned at the time. Speeding ticket in Germany is against their constitution, no? My driving buddy (in another car ... bmw M3) had to pull over twice due to mechanical reasons. Shoulda bought an Audi,
eh? So today and tomorrow I will be / have been the runner for him driving down to Brno, CZ from Velke Mezirici.

A few may be asking, why I am in this little town in the Czech Republic? Hockey, duh.

Today was the first day of the tournament. Our team beat a French team from Paris 9-3. Our second game of the day was against a team from Toulon, France. 9-3. So far we are doing well, however, the Russian team looks very strong. They showed up with 3 full lines and
3 goalies! They have one guy that's very old and plays with no helmet. That is amusing.

Anyways, just a quick note to say hola, and add some filler about me. Hope all is well


ps. canada flag sticker on the back of the car is nice...and i'm sure helped me in not getting a ticket / arrested in Germany

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