Friday 28 March 2008

500km + 1 loss

today, march 27, we only had one game. we lost a spirited effort 8-5. 7-5 if you don't count the goal against while we had our goalie pulled with less then a minute to go. prior to the game i had taken another round-trip scenic drive to Brno, Czech Republic with Greg so he could drop off his "old faithful".... he has to pick it up tomorrow. In total, for this trip, I will have made 3 round trips to Brno. Wow. Exciting.

The hockey here is great. Light checking. In Switzerland if you touch someone they go nuts. Here, it's ok. If a clean hit is given...that's ok too. If it's a dirty hit, well...thankfully the referee's aren't blind. I enjoy this kind of hockey. It is how its supposed to be played.

So far I have a nice slash along the left side of my belly, a puck shaped bruise in my right/center belly and a bruised top right foot from a blocked shot. That's what I'm really proud of. I can't flex my right big toe without it cramping from the bruise. So cool.

This evening we ventured up to Prague (Praha) to watch HC Silva play in game 5 of their best of 7 playoff series. It was fun. The crowds here love their hockey. It's a pleasure to be a part of...

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