Monday 1 September 2008

maybe. dead. peut-être.

it's been an interesting weekend.

i'm sure you've seen falling rock signs once in your life, while driving. well, i see them all the time. i play hockey up above 1000m in the ski resorts here in Switzerland. on my way home friday night, i had the unfortunate pleasure of receiving my first falling rock. it landed on the side of my car, near the fuel tank. the damage isn't bad...but i gotta wonder.

what is the point of the road sign? in my car, i can do nothing. you can't drive while looking up to the sky. what if you did? what if you saw a rock falling? surely no level of skill or avoidance technique would make it better. oh well.

ah, now if you have been following for a while, you'll know i had a gold-fish type fish. Maybe. he wasn't actually a gold fish. to be honest, not quite sure what type of fish he was. in any event, he died last night. gave him a proper burrial instead of the royal flush...and now he'll be enjoying lake geneva from his rose garden.

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