Friday 31 December 2010

Celebrating with an old friend...

A few years ago, while enjoying a somewhat entertaining lifestyle, I took it upon myself to make a tiny investment.  I purchased a bottle of Cristal.  It is the second one I've ever purchased and this one would sit in a cold dark cave until I had such opportunity to celebrate.  

Small interesting fact:  I don't like Cristal.  Out of the various champagnes that the region has to offer, I find this one above all others, gives me heart burn.  It comes down to the bubbles and how dry it is. 

So, off it went, into a cave, until I had something to celebrate...
  1. Cristal put into storage (October 2007)
  2. Met Lucy (March 2008)
  3. Parted ways with Nestle (February 2009)
  4. Moved from Montreux, Switzerland to London, England (April 2009) and left the Cristal in the care of a very good and more importantly, trusted friend.
  5. Married Lucy on July 01, 2009.  
  6. Lucy and I moved to Doha, Qatar for August 2009
I've not finished.  4 or 5 of the above could very well justify opening the bottle and having a drink. 
  1. Jack Dolgy was born, October 24, 2009.  
  2. Lucy, Jack and I left Doha, Qatar permanently September, 2010
  3. We all moved to Zurich, Switzerland, October, 2010
  4. Started a fantastic new job at Swiss Re.  October 2010
Still, these are fantastic things to celebrate, but not quite there....
  1. January 01, 2011, we all move to our new and permanent home in Thalwil, Switzerland
Yes, this is the one.  We will not open it for new year's eve.  Will not even open it on new year's day.  We will enjoy it on January 4 / 5 when we can finally sit down with Jack in our home and celebrate the 10 milestones that are mentioned above...

Here are some photographs outlining the swank that is Cristal.  Happy new years and this old friend will soon celebrate with us a very interesting and dynamic 3 1/2 years.

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