Friday 7 August 2009

1 week in

A week ago Lucy and I had just arrived at our new home for the next few months. Time has flown by. Lucy has been a busy little bee running around looking at housing. I've been working. I get the easy job...

Temporary Qatari drivers license is now in hand ... along with the most fantastic mitsubishi car. It doesn't have a model. It's white. It should have lots of gears, but really, it only has two....and that's if you are brave enough to see the RPM's hit 9000 .... which is mega -red line. Still, 30 QAR to fill up was ok. I think it works out at the pump to 0.08.40 QAR / litre. My urine is more expensive.

All of our stuff has arrived from the UK ... including that bugaboo. Was fun putting it together and playing with it. I hadn't had an opportunity to actually see it until now. It's cool. Breezy

Food has been nice. Not had a bad meal so far. Yes, Camel is on the menu at some places. Again, like Switzerland and Horse, i'm not adverse to trying it. What I am a bit stand-off'ish about are 'brains' on the menu. Don't think it would sit well with we're going to avoid ordering anything with "mixed meat" or "special meat" ... because well, we don't need more brains!

Don't forget Bean....


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