Saturday 27 June 2009

first facebook application

so a while back i saw that facebook had opened things up to allow developers to write their own thing. i went, i looked and i started...only to give up because i really had nothing much to do ... who cares, what's the point, blah blah blah.

so anyways, today i got to thinking ... as if anyone can think about anything other then mr. jackson ... i thought what really is the best song he's ever done? what is the consensus? sure i'm sure i could find a site somewhere and create a poll, or even call up somewhere...but in the end i thought, boy, why not try to do a facebook application. maybe it'll be easy, hard...who knows.

so with a little motivation and a tiny idea ... Michael Jackson .. Rate It .. My first facebook application. Yeah it's pretty crappy ... but the principles are neat.

I started down the road of using the facebook data app ... but in the end it's just a bit too much for what i wanted to throw together. That and I couldn't easily get it working in my brain ... which is another subject all together.

Anyways...what do you think the best MJ song of all time is? I think it's Scream...

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