Sunday 24 February 2008

swiss life

This past week I've played hockey every night except Tuesday. When not playing hockey, of course, I'm working. When I find time in between the hockey and work ... I sit here and blog! Does anyone read? Probably not. Do I care? Nah. This is somewhat therapeutic to sit here and ramble on about nothing much. Well, that's not true.

--- maybe the goldfish is still alive. 1 week old. i have since renamed him to a name i really shouldn't post online. let's just say he looks like a german dictator from the late 1930's-1945. I'll post photos and you'll understand. He is responding well to the name change. I've also decided to make him the fattest goldfish in the world. He now enjoys multiple multi-course meals of fish pellets daily. He's acting strange like a deranged psychopath hell bent on taking over the world. Could be the moustache. Could be the illegal fish bowl. Either way, if you don't hear from me for a few weeks...suspect the fish.

Last night I played hockey for the first time with the team I will be travelling to the Czech Republic with at the end of March for an ice hockey tournament. In total there are six teams. The following countries are represented (from what I recall):

France x 2
Czech Republic

Yes, I realize that makes five, not six. Sue me. Anyways, the game went well. We only had three substitutes on the bench which made it tough. Honestly though, this was my fourth game this week and all the games we only had 3 substitutes on the bench. Needless to say, my new skates have been broken in a little bit ahead of schedule. I like them.

In the next few weeks I'll hopefully be playing with "Android" -- Google's sponsored cell phone operating system. That or getting back into some java programming. I have a few ideas and starting to have free time during the nights and evenings. As always, I'm brewing up some new schemes on how to take over the world through investments in Nutella.

Post ya later!

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