Thursday 14 February 2008

Home sweet home

Last week, as some of you know, I travelled back to Toronto. I left Switzerland on Thursday and arrived in Toronto that night. Spent a quiet sushi / sake filled evening with my brother, sister and her boyfriend. Friday night, for those of you who were brave enough to venture out into the nasty elements gripping toronto, I had a fun time at Gretzky's. Saw lots of familiar faces and faces from a life long past. Was great. Especially that burrito at 2am.

Thoughts about Toronto? At one point, it was -28C and in total, the entire time i was there, 45cm of snow fell. I don't miss it. I the friends, I miss the family ... but overall, I do not miss the city. It's my home town, and forever it will be just that.

Now, I'm back in Switzerland. Of course, British Assways is consistently horrible and managed to lose 2 of the 3 bags I checked. They did arrive today, less then 24hrs after I landed ... so i'm not that upset. Amused more then anything.

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