Friday 15 February 2008

a quiet valentine

For those of you who know me ... even a little bit, you'll know that i think this valentine's day is a complete waste of time and a commercial scam. I would suggest that the world have a Dolgy day. It's as good as an excuse to spend money as this Valentine thing. If you want to buy someone roses, why not do it when you want...not when someone long ago decided that February 14 would be the day of days...

I spent my evening watching prison break.

Now, the reason for this blog. I found it quite amusing and cute. I was given a gift. It wasn't a valentine's day gift. Just a gift from one friend to another. I am very difficult to buy a gift for. If I want something, I go and buy it. Clothes, toys, books (except the last one...), etc.

I was given a goldfish. I've never owned one in my life. The goldfish has been named "Maybe". Why? Well, again, if you know me...I rarely commit to anything until the last minute. It's easy to say maybe...just incase. Never know what might happen.

Also turns out that in Switzerland, a normal glass fishbowl is illegal. Apparently it leads to depression in fish. Funny that.

Anyways, I now have a fish decorating the house. Hopefully it lives without trying to kill itself from depression...

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