Wednesday 13 January 2010

oh no! snow!

Lucy, Jack and I flew out of Doha, Qatar the night of the 11th, direct to London Heathrow, via Bahrain. Interesting experience. First, Jack and flying...not a problem. He woke up twice for food and went back to sleep. I don't think anyone else in the cabin (aside from the cabin crew who couldn't get enough Jack time) knew we had a baby with us. Sweet.

In Four Oaks now and it's snowing. Lots of snow on the ground and well...we didn't expect to be visiting Canada ... but in England. Being new parents, a little hesitant to expose desert Jack to the cold weather. meh. he's coping so far. tuque and all.

we'll be here for 8 more days then back to Doha for sun and very little precipitation. between now and then, quite busy (not quite a holiday) ... weddings, friends and lots of visits. fun times.

anyways...more photos soon of jack, on his blog, and of us too! off to the Bullring in Birmingham if we can get the citroen p.o.s. out of the drive...


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