Saturday 28 November 2009

winter of change

Before I start, there are new photos on Jack's website.

It's now on average, here in Doha, Qatar about 20-23C in the morning. Cold. I have found myself wearing a sweater (jumper for the English) if the temperature is below 30C. Insane? Well, not really:

In August when we landed it was nearing 50C .. Difference between 47C and 50C is what exactly? Not much. Stinking hot is stinking hot once you go past a point. Much like winter. Difference between -20C and -25C? Who cares.

Given that our 'winter' has arrived, the difference between summer and now is almost 30C! That's a big variance.

Compare this with Toronto: 30C in the summer going down to 0C for November. A 30C difference.

Ignoring the geography for a moment, when there is a 30C difference, and you are on the low end of this, putting a sweater on should be normal. Our bodies aren't built for such a big variance. Yeah, if it goes colder I wont be able to cope...but that's OK. If it was Toronto, no one would be able to cope as it neared on 50C....

So our bodies have adjusted to this desert climate. It's neat. How will Jack cope when we take him to Europe or North America? He'll be a little frozen jack'cicle.

December 1 the in-laws arrive for 28 days. We enjoy having visitors...!

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