Friday 1 May 2009

New Job, New City, New Pandemic

Been a while. It's been a little hectic, up and down, etc. That and well, didn't really have much to write about.

New Job: Working for Thomson Reuters now on a short contract. Large company. As large as Nestle in some respects. Just like Nestle, never knew how big it is until I showed up...!

New City: Living in London now for the next little while (short term for the moment) a few blocks south of Tower Bridge. Nice area to be in and not as expensive as I would have thought. I'll get some photos of the flat and put them online at some point.

New Pandemic: This is all a little familiar. SARS anyone? If people wash their hands ... can't we stop a lot of illness? Although, having said that, normal flu kills lots of people every year.

So what's up now? Well, 30 is just around the corner. Lucy and I have also set a wedding date. More information about that at a later point in time...


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