Friday 15 May 2009

here piggy piggy, the big digit and other housekeeping

swine flu you say?  H1N1?  will it trigger a global crisis?  Lord of the Flies?  here piggy piggy...

at first thought i think of oinking, The League of Gentlemen and rolling around in feces.  global epidemic that will create a special town for special folk.  

then it clicks in.  this is for real.  now that we're living in London and I'm working in the City, i need to take the tube daily and it's not uncommon to shake armpits with fellow travellers, let alone pick up flu germs from poles and other hard surfaces. 

so i put on my visionary hat and here is what i have come up with:

Visionary point #1:

My ice hockey gear has anti-bacterial gel all over so that it doesn't stink.  that's the benefit and what sold me on it.  why not coat the entire tube and other surfaces with this anti-bacterial gel?  it's long lasting and then maybe the tube would smell better?

After living through SARS in Toronto I have my anti-bacterial hand gel with me all the time.  Not taking chances. 

30 is just around the corner.  May 31 

Now as you can see from Wikipedia, I'm not cool enough to warrant any mention, yet.  Brings me to my next thought.  Who determines who should be and who shouldn't be on Wikipedia?  Everyone has a story and everyone contributes to history.  

His-Story ... this is the only real fact that has stuck with me since high school.  Whoever lived, whoever won the war, whoever was allowed to write his story, defines history.  In the time and present that is now ... shouldn't wikipedia be a bit more savvy and not exclude people from history?  

Visionary point #2:

Wikipedia is great but needs to evolve into something much more organic fusing historical facts relating to everything and everyone.  Everything records our daily behaviour on the internet now, why can't we start recording our daily life and define our history?  Blogs are a great way to do it, but they don't quite slot everything together properly.  

They will.  That's my prediction.  Give it a few years, you'll see history and blogs blend together more...

Finally, the wedding.  July 1, 2009.  Small and quaint here in London.  Will be a bit odd.  Some mixed emotions, although they are all good.  Afterwards we will make our way down to Trafalgar Square to Celebrate Canada Day.

Visionary point #3:  

Get married on a national holiday in a foreign country.  When you move back 'home' you'll have your anniversary as a satutory holiday every year.  


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