Sunday 20 July 2008

jazz is over and the drive will begin!

well, last night was the final night of the 42nd montreux jazz festival. i gotta say, it's great for a few days (third year i've been here for it) but after kinda just wears on. it's nice experiencing it with people who've never if you are planning on being here next year, let me know.

no car accidents this month.

new sofa has arrived. yep. i bought a new one. how good is it? well, it's nice. the two i had previously...those will be moving into the downstairs room. i'll be able to accomodate another 4-6 people now in the house. 2 up, 2 down, 4 down-down. not bad i say. i just need to charge sleeping fees ;)

in other news...i'm in the initial stages of planning a road trip. prague? well that was fun...but wasn't far enough. no. my idea is to go flat out for 48hrs ... sure i'll stop here and there...but from here, can you figure out where i can get to in 48hrs at 120km/hr? : ) that's 5760km...

i haven't finalized dates yet...but i do have a target in mind. research into insurance is completed and that's not an issue. visas i'm researching now and routes. now i just need to decide if we'll use a production company to produce a documentary of it. similar to the long way round...

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