Sunday 1 January 2012

2012, bring it.

2012 is here.  Lucy and I celebrated our first New Year's Eve in Zurich with Chinese take-away and  Luxemburgerli from Lindt & Sprüngli -- The only kind we had purchased were the Champagne ones.

The Chinese take-away was by far, one of the better ones we had had.  However, when comparing the price of it to what it costs in the UK, or even back home in Canada ... not sure the value was there.  Still, this is where we decided to live ... so this is what we live with. $125.00 for two people.  We didn't have a lot of food ... !

Jack's blog is up to date with some new photos ... It's now 1300hr on New Year's Day and I'm taking Jack to Thalwil for his 2nd go at ice skating.  His last attempt, on Christmas Eve was excellent.  He managed to pull himself up off the ice and stand up on his own ... and waddle along like a penguin.

2012 is exciting for us.  Jack will turn 3.  My Grandmother and Lucy's Nan will turn 94 and we have the wedding of Ninj to see to .. all 2 of his weddings.  So far, the first quarter of 2012, even with the extra day, will be super busy with fun things!

Happy new year to you and yours ... from the Dolgy's in Switzerland.

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