Monday 17 October 2011

6 days to go....@jdolgy

Jack turns two in less than a week.  I thought I'd take a non-technical interlude to reflect.  Two years ago now ... Lucy had encountered a few problems with the pregnancy and I'd rushed her super duper quick (i broke a few traffic laws) to Al-Ahli Hospital in Doha, Qatar.

For those who are new to reading this and that, I had this fantastic idea 30 months ago to move my wife who was six months pregnant to Doha for what was sold as an epic work adventure in "thought leadership" and a genuine opportunity to work on some pretty neat things.

We have a lot of fond memories from our time in Doha, especially the ones that happened the week after October 24, 2009.  Jack was born on the 24th via emergency c-section.  A little over 5lbs.  Not bad for being 2 months early!  He spent 5 days in NICU and neither of us could hold him that entire time.  On the 5th day, they said right ... Lucy, discharged.  Jack, discharged IF we could bottle feed him.  ha ha.

A lot of people told us before, during and after, how time flies ... It really has.  Jack is a proper boy now ... full weight, full menace.  Terrible 2's have started early and he fully enjoys testing the limits of Lucy.  He's trying to find his boundaries and is enjoying each and every minute of it.

Here is Jack from Yesterday:

I had written a bit on his blog the other day too.

Anyway ... the next post will be back to uber geeking.  Just thought I'd duck out while my computer is being rebuilt and leave some candid thoughts..

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