Monday 6 June 2011

Weekend in England

It wasnt just a weekend in was a weekend ALL over England.

Landed at London City which is fantastic if you want to be in the city.  Instead, DLR and tube to Euston to get a train to Birmingham International and then the 30min drive to the in-laws and Jack.

The next day (Friday), back to International to pick up a rental and drive down to Midhurst and a wedding on Saturday at Cowdray ruins. 

Sunday it was up super early to drive to our newest niece's which Lucy and I are Godparents.  This was outside Tamworth. 

After the Christening....headed back to Four Oaks and then to The Lodge for a wonderful curry. 

This morning, up early...rental back to International.  Train to London Euston.  Tube & DLR to LCY..flight back to Zurich.

I'm tired but wanted to show off the happy family in the picture on this post.

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